At Stone Creek Workshops, we strive to help you make your home a peaceful refuge from a busy world. Our artists, Geoff and Kathy Stone, combine their unique talents to provide you with distinctive furniture, cabinetry and pottery pieces for your home and garden.  
In a normal year, we would be at shows and events throughout the year.  But, due to COVID-19, we are currently not attending shows.  Our pottery pieces can be purchased both online and in the store at Stewart Maple Store in Cuttingsville Vermont.  They are located in the Olde Barn next to the Rustic Rooster Restaurant.  We also have pottery for sale at Sage Jewelry and Gifts which is located just off the green in Chester Vermont.
Our pottery pieces contain unique Saw Dust Kiln Fired pots (above middle); functional pottery; ceramic bird houses, bird feeders and bird baths; ceramic sculptures called Stone Creek Tomtes (Tomte is Swedish for a gnome like Santa Claus), Hippy Dippy Guys and Gnomes;  Check out the pottery page for more information and to view some of our creations.
Custom furniture and cabinetry is created on an individual basis.  Please see our gallery for ideas of pieces and built-ins we have done.

Welcome to Stone Creek Workshops

Pottery and Custom Furniture and Cabinetry

Mount Holly, Vermont